Lua for FXCM

Announcing Lua for FXCM

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Greetings after a long hiatus, fellow traders. After getting frustrated over the interference with my trading from work hours getting in the way, and having wanted to automate my strategy for some time, I decided to bite the bullet and figure out a way to do so. Since I use FXCM, and I have a lot of bills, I can't afford either the cash outlay for NinjaTrader or the $1K+ opening account balance required by most brokers to use MT4. I decided to try the fxcodebase SDK and learn lua so as to automate my stuff in MarketScope. I discovered, much to my dismay, that how-to documentation for the fxcodebase SDK is badly scattered and time consuming to decipher. I was in need of a challenge anyway do I've started slogging through learning Lua. We ex-Navy nucs do stuff like that from time to time when we feel the need for mental exercise. 

Since I am figuring it out anyway, I have decided to create screencasts and videos showing everyone here how to do things as I figure it out. I ask one favor of those who might be interested in watching them: send me feedback. Knowing I have an interested(or even semi-interested) audience will help me to stay focused and productive. Everything I learn will be posted here and at my website,, warts and all.

One warning, Just as the folks at fxcodebase are far better programmers than they are tutorial writers, I am a far better tutorial writer than I am a programmer. Bear with me there. I will happily take any consturctive suggestions.

The first video will be an introduction and a list of what you'll need to get started if you want to follow along. It should be up an about a week, maybe sooner.