The WCS Handbook

Receating the Mindset of a Free Society

During an online discussion a few years ago, the question was posed: Is Galt's Gulch Possible? Galt's Gulch refers to the Ayn Rand Novel, Atlas Shrugged, in which the protagonist anti-villain, John Galt, supposedly convinces all the people with the most creative business and scientific minds to go on strike and come live in a libertarian, free-market community at a secret location nicknamed Galt's Gulch by the strikers.

What would be needed to create such a community? Physical necessities, such as an area of land(in the book, the property of one of the strikers) of sufficient size containing the necessary resources to sustain a large group of people are obvious, but this looks at the problem too narrowly. Suppose you had that land and nothing else. Could you build a dam to contain water, run a farm, build factories to make goods or houses to live in, a power plant to produce the energy to run it all, or a banking system to finance it? Even then, all of these things would be useless without the knowledge to make use of them. In the book, Galt and the other inhabitants either had such knowledge--that is, they were materially self-sufficient--or  possessed skills to use in trade for the services of those who had it--they were economically self-sufficient.

This site proceeds from the premise that, given those skills and the willingness to work together in free exchange of value for value, Galt's Gultch can be created anywhere. Furthermore, self-sufficiency is a mindset that can be learned. I invite you to watch me attempt to prove it by example.

First, what the hell is a worker-capitalist?