The Plan

Okay, I am currently living out of my RV(semi-homeless), making $8.50/hr in a job I do not want to be doing for the next ten years. Not that it is a bad place to work. My co-workers are great; I enjoy working there, but I simply have goals that this job can't satisfy. That will become clear as you read and watch the content on this site. My current job will serve as a means to those ends, but that is all. To achieve those goals will require some consistent, focused effort from me. In the words of Hanibal Smith, I need a plan. So here it is in what are, necessarily, rather broad strokes at the moment.

  1. Continue looking for better paying jobs; establish a routine for getting out apps and resumes(DONE)--The first two hours of every day off from work are spent sending out apps and resumes. I dislike doing this, so I get it over with early in the day. It is tedious, and I don't see it bearing much fruit in the current economy. My time is valuable to me. I could get another job that pays as much as my current one, but that just gets me more hours and I already get a fair number of hours at my curent job. If that changes, I might change my mind on this, but working the same or similar hours for higher pay is far more efficient if I can do it.
  2. Continue developing my consulting business(ONGOING)--My IT consulting business has fallen on very hard times, but a few customers still call me to have work done. I need to get more agressive in expanding my skills and in drumming up new business.
  3. Re-activate/recapitalize my trading accounts(DONE/IN PROGRESS)--My present income and the need to pay off debt makes this a very slow process, but it is moving forward. Trading, for those of us who know what we're doing, is nearly ideal as an income generator. The starting capital requirements are low(really, they are), it can be done from anywhere there is an Internet connection, it doesn't depend on an employer for income, and, perhaps unlike any other small business, it doesn't require me to sell anything to anyone else to make money if I am any good at it. I really wish I had not stopped trading to start my consulting business. Oh well, 20/20 hindsight.
  4. Build on-line audience and community(ONGOING)--I think a lot of people need to see that things do not need to be hopeless, even for(maybe especially for) those at the bottom. If I can do that, I think I will have provided a very helpful service to a lot of people. I have experience creating on-line courses. It helps me retain new knowledge to teach what I have discovered to others. It builds a potential pool of initial buyers for any products and services I sell.

That is the plan for now. I reserve the right to revise it if I discover some clever way to achieve my goals more effectively. The details of how I go about each of these will be the subject of future posts and videos.