Lua For FXCM: Software

Sorry for there not being a video yet. The sound on my laptop chose this week to start acting up and not work right. I am scrounging for a solution.

For now, here is a list of the software you'll need to follow along with the video series.

First, some basic assumptions:

  1. You have at least a micro lot account at FXCM and are not running MetaTrader or NinjaTrader or would prefer not to for some reason. If you are currently running either of those and are happy with them, there is no reason to switch, and I imagine this seies will hold little of interest to you anyway.

  2. You are running windows in some form or fashion. Windows is pretty much required for everything except the lua interpreter.

The software used in the seires:

Obviously, Trading Station 2.0 and Marketscope.

The Indicore SDK from

The SDK includes a lua editor, an indicator debugger, and a strategy debugger.

A lua interpreter/environment

The Indicore SDK requires windows and assumes you are familiar with the Lua scripting language. I am still figuring a lot of it out myself. It is not too hard, but you'll need a way to write and run lua code. Lua can be coded using any old text editor, and there are a number of choices for a lua interpreter to run it. For ease of use, I'd get Luaforwindows.exe if you are running windows. It contains a basic lua interpreter and the SciTE environment. It looks like if you get lua figured out sufficiently and how the SDK functions work, you could just code your strategies and indicators directly. I am a long way from this point.

You can just run Luaforwindows in the Windows VM. If you are running Linux, as I am, and would rather use a Linux based lua interpreter, lua is available directly from the main repository for your Linux distribution. Just do a search for lua in the available software section. You can save your code as files in a shared folder and open them in the Windows virtual machine.

If you are running a Mac, go to and get the binary package for Mac OS X. If the binary doesn't work for some reason, try downloading the Xcode package from the Apple software developer section and compiling it from source. The binary is the file ending .bin.tar.gz. the source code file ends .tar.gz.

A virtualization engine(Linux and MAC users only).

I'm using VirtualBox, but if you prefer VMware or KVM, it's up to you.

One last thing: as far as I know, Marketscope still uses Lua 5.1, not 5.2. So if you wind up getting binaries or source, get the 5.1 version so we avoid compatibility issues between Lua versions.

I will try to get the sound working or get over to a friend's house and get a video up as soon as I can.